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Here's a sci-fi story!

Concrete’s always cold…cold like my brain, is numb. where are my shoes?

I’m turning on Fear Simulation, Dr.
No, no! Not yet. Tye, I want just the garage right now. We’re going to do this one slow – the effect will be better. I’m sick of seeing the fast simulations, I don’t think it’s working. Look, uh – put a car to his left. Make it a little beat up – bad, blue paint – broken back window, and uh…oh have some plastic with tape on the right window.
Neil turns excitedly at Dr. Krane, “Sir, why do you pay attention to so much detail?”
Dr. Krane stares ahead, “Marie – how is his heart rate?”
“Steady so far.”
“Good.” He pauses and draws a deep breath, “In reference to your question, Neil, if I don’t pay attention to the detail – he may find flaws. We want as much as possible for him not to remember he came into the office to help in this experiment. It needs to be real for him – to be effective.”
“Brikett – can you come monitor the PET scan?”

Why is there only one car in this whole parking garage? I guess someone left it here, it’s completely thrashed. I don’t remember how I got here. Am I looking for my car? I hope Sam isn’t waiting up for me – it’s so dark. What level am I on? How do I get out of here?

“Tye, make a rustling sound southeast. and a chirp – 3 seconds after in the North. Hmmm…” Dr. Krane drums his fingers on his lips. “Right, right…alright turn on Fear Simulator. Remember our story board – follow the same pattern, but improv if you think you have something.”
“Heart rate increasing.”
Tye turns to Marie, “How much?”
“Twenty-five beats.”
“That’s fine,” Dr. Krane answers, “Thank you. Brickett – what’s reacting?”
“So far, the hippocampus is reacting slightly, along with the frontal lobe.”
“The hippocampus? Is he remembering?” Dr. Krane moves towards the patients folder.
“Remembering what, sir?” Neil glances over his shoulder.
Dr. Krane quickly closes the folder, “Nothing. Tye, how are we on the simulation?”
“I’m putting it up on the large screen.”
“Right, Brickett – put the PET scan on screen 2.”
A huge monitor to the right side of the patient is lit up with a brain imaging, while the left screen abruptly plays what looks like a scene from a rather strange movie...
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