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Ok, last one for me today! This is a story that was inspired by a dream that got pretty creepy...I'd rather not go into that. So, here's more of a character intro I started and had no place to go with it. The man who played this character in my dreams, was Billy Crystal the way he looked in "Analyze This." (I have had two really weird dreams about Billy Crystal. Poor guy). So...as far as the story goes, butcher it, slaughter it or actually get some good ideas to enhance it.

Maslow Bochelli was the most frightening man a person could get involved with. He was the quiet and reserved type who plotted his ideas behind those dead eyes that could liquefy you to a bawling baby. He had many people under him – people who were only loyal because they knew how horrifying he really was.
He could easily find ways to torture you, and you would believe he enjoyed it, but never – did he give that hint away. He looked at you writhing in pain with almost pity. And after it was over – after he thought you’d learned your lesson, he babied you. He made sure his people treated your wounds and were so gentle with you that you actually came to see him as your savior. It was very confusing emotions his anger would reduce you to. And you’d keep questioning, ‘Does he hate me? Does he love me?’ Inside, he didn’t care about you at all. It was just a way for you to trust him. He’d actually make you believe that you deserved what you got…and should be shamed for betraying such a gentle man.

He was never part of a crime family, Maslow came into the game on his own. In fact, his life was as normal as anything and his family always showed love. But his family had since moved away, fearing their son and brother, knowing if he found them, he’d destroy them; mess with their minds and make them his slaves.

Maslow had curly brown hair that made him rather charming. His eyes were the most stale brown – as if they’d lost all life. His voice, was soothing and territorial. Even his companions – some of the worst family leaders had a cautious fear of him.
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