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I could hear him following me; I could hear him panting and trying to calculate his grand entrance. His footing shifted and in a moment we were face to face. The grimey mess under his cap made me retch. His yellow eyes swirled about his face, not sure if they had the courage to roll to the back of his head. He smiled...that cackling smile that should be illegal. Opening his mouth, he revealed to me his stained and browning teeth with a slight gap between the larger two. Between them, he wistled, "Where d'ya think yer goin? Ain't it bad enough you caused such a scene, and ruined the party? You sure got some answerin' to do!"
I snickered and shoved past him, "I'm through with all of you! What do you think I made such an exit for? You really think I'll come back with you?!"

If it hadn't been for Tom, I wouldn't have met this wacko to begin with.
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“Miss. Willson, is there a problem here?” Mrs. Austin’s voice rang through the hall just behind the click of her heals as she approached. Sabrina frowned in annoyance and lowered her head slightly.
“No, Mrs. Austin.”
“Is this a friend of your’s?” She locked her hands just below her breasts.
“Earl, ma’am. Groundskeeper Earl,” the greasy man extended his black oil stained hand to Mrs. Austin. “Ya must be that Ingrid Austin I been hearing so much about.”
“Groundskeeper?” She knitted her eyebrows together, keeping her hands firming secure below her breasts. “What happened to Robert?”
“He’s out on workmen’s comp. Didnja hear?”
“So this is a temporary job?”
”Yes, ma’am,” he gave one quick nodded.
Mrs. Austin slowly cocked her head back. “Hm. Well, enjoy your stay. Sabrina should let you get back to work and she should get back to her soccer practice.”
“You sang for the Sierra Music Circus, didn’t you?” Earl added in quickly.
Ingrid Austin jerked the corner of her lips, giving the slightest grin though the cold suspicion never left her blue eyes. “I did, yes, before I started teaching.”
Earl grinned displaying a mouthful of corn all in a row and nodded. “I hear ya sing not two years ago. Voice of an angel!”
Mrs. Austin bowed her head a little with a small smile to convey that polite show of modest appreciation and quietly thanked him.