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A Spiffy Writing Prompt!

I am going to go ahead and work on a start of a story that I don't think I'll finish, but for now just a cheesey writing prompt that may spur all of you ahead into a writing frenzy.

This has helped me many times and I just wanted to share it with you all! :)

1. Find a short poem, or a poem of any length that you enjoy.
2. Turn each line in the poem into the first sentence of a prose paragraph. (yes, the tense of the verbs can be changed, etc.)
3. Do this for each line until you run out of lines.
4. Continue the story on.

Now I would like to see stories from you all. This is a community after all right? I'll try and do this as well.

If this isn't within the rules of this community, feel free to delete this post. Just tryin ta help! :)
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