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madmad_stories's Journal

Continue the Madness
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If you are a writer and a bored one...this is the community for you! You don't have to consider yourself a writer to join, this is for everyone. The idea is to continue other people's stories. One member will start a chapter of an original story from their own minds (no plagerism!) and the other members should continue the story by posting chapters of their own to the original story. It's kind of like Mad-libbing. The idea came from a excersize my creative writing teacher used to make the class do. You can be as unpredictable, silly or serious as you want. No one should take offence to the chapters people add to their stories...this is all for fun. The member who started the story should end it when he/she feels it's time for an ending.

I have decided to add fanfiction as well. If someone wants to write fanfiction on this community, just make sure to put somewhere on the post where the characters come from.

IMPORTANT: Please try not to be obscene in your stories. I don't want to censor too much, so please put your stories in lj-cuts and title it with the rating or (rating + title) so people know if they'd feel comfortable reading or not. [no X ratings or any erotic stuff] Thank you!

FORMATTING: ok...bufflie has helped me with this...my former system was confusing even to me! :P So, when you add onto a story - add it on as an all new post. Just copy and paste the original author's story beginning and add on to it in your post. Still put it behind an lj-cut and use the same title but rate it according to what your add-on contains.

If anyone has some favorite authors, email me or post them on the community journal and I will add them to the interests box.

If you are interested in other communities with a similar idea, thefirstline posts a sentence weekly and asks members to respond by using the sentence as the first line in a short story.

Also there is now madmad_stories2 a community posting 10 words weekly where members include the words in short stories.

Day dreamers??? Go here: little_imaginer