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So Dead...is this place...

hey everyone who is a part of this community but doesn't post...a while back actually, I made a interesting (I think) layout on this journal...so check it out. please...:( It's a pic from the movie Finding Neverland and you have to scroll down to reveal more of the picture cuz I put it behind the posts...I think it's cool...what say you? If anyone wants to start a story, I almost promise to update it!!!!! *pleads*
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I just joined this community, but I looked at the layout. I like the design on it. Definantly original. Id like it if youd update it. I know I didnt post this past week, but school is crazy. >.
Thanx for joining! It makes me blush! Update the journal with a story? But I've already put up three or four stories and only one person has updated...makes me sad, sad... why don't you try for a beginning? o_0
oh, and I know just what you mean about the school thing...school is evil...it really is.
okay. I'll post a beginning and maybe it'll get this place jumpin again. Let me work on it this weekend, and I'll try and post it Sunday. :) Cool?
Awesome!!!!! But if something comes up and gets in the way, I'll understand. :)